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📘 FaceBook vs Google Analytics 📒

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

📱 Astonishingly, Facebook pays for Google advertising to show Facebook links above the Google Analytics search results in Google search. Clearly, Facebook thinks Google is a joke.

When using Facebook analytics, a tool called Facebook Pixel possess an impression share formula that analyses vast audiences of people. Google uses device targeting to analyze cookies instead of people.

👨‍👧‍👦 Facebook ads has facebook DABA. What is facebook DABA? It's Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences. Created in 2017, these dynamic ads expanded advertisements and audience networks. Facebook has the ability to target consumer's interests in a particular product. Facebook offers automated ads as well. What are Facebook automated ads? They're AI driven limited customized ads that artificially learn how to optimize ads for users. Facebook also offers technology Facebook AEO which is App Event Optimization. This uses optimized custom events and installs ultimate objectives. This allows users to optimize facebook ad marketing for the lowest cost and highest relevant outcome, 99% of the time. ROA's or (return on assets) are maxed out to 100%. Therefore Facebook VO or (value optimization) creates a more "efficient ad than Google." Also, Facebook MAI's which are mobile app installs, allow more users to install your app. Facebook VO allows mobile download ads to find users using the lowest CPM (Facebook cost per 1,000 impressions). Facebook knows exactly who the user is thanks to the user network they have previously created.

🍪 Google analytics has been around since 2005. They took advantage of the analytics market technology available and optimized it. They bought a software company called Urchin in 2005. This grew exponentially due to a monopoly on the solution of measuring data analytics. The tracking Google algorithm model is centered around website cookies mechanisms. Page use, users, and sessions paint a picture that identify users in certain categories. Google is the most widely used out of the two. Google reaches more people and is locked in and always running. They have a much broader band of cookie data customization than Facebook does. They offer custom dimensions, User Id tracking, custom metrics and more. Google cookies can be blocked by analytics ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention). This seems like a disadvantage but Google caters to so many users globally it, this does not affect much. Google allows you to turn off Google search partners and use data studio Google trends. Google is the king of reading trends. Remarketing is massive aspect of google shopping trends. Remarketing can be used on Google display ads with ease.

🥊 The difference between Google analytics and Facebook Pixel differs drastically. Facebook Pixel is the most popular single Facebook tool to use. Facebook Pixel tracks retargeting, tracking, and conversion data. Facebook's vast innovative data may be more advanced than Google. Although, Google analytics is more widely used by users with similar processes as Facebook. Facebook is harder to customize data but easier to target specific users.

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🏆 Overall, Google analytics comes out on top. Google offers more than Facebook and is more widely used over all. Google's tracking mechanism is a superior analytic tool and is fully backed by documentation. Google Optimize is an innovative analytic tool bringing website content testing to the next level. Maybe Facebook can catch up one day. Maybe even reveal entirely how they harvest their data. At Slab Marketing, we use both interphases to ensure that your company is optimized using the most effective strategies.

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